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The Best 3×21 Belt Sander Paper for 2019 – Put to the Test

Sanders come in all shapes and sizes, from belt sanders and palm sanders, to random orbital sanders like the Makita bo5030, with belt sanders being used for the widest range of applications. Looking for the perfect 3×21 belt sander paper for your project? In this article we will go over belt sander papers that will make your job go smoothly.

Learn a Bit About the Grit – Sand Paper Grit Numbers

Before we jump into the different brands you need to familiarize yourself with how the grit numbers work. The grit numbers for sanding products is a reference to the size of the abrasive particles that give the sandpaper roughness. The lower the number gets, the larger the particles are. A low number grit will remove lots of material quickly but also greatly scratch the surface. A higher number grit removes less material but leaves a much more polished surface. Below is a general guide on grit levels.

36 Grit to 100 Grit – Removing material and work with power sanders. Generally used for:

100 Grit to 180 Grit – Works decent with both hand sanding and power sanding, and even work with electric sander for walls . Generally used for preparation like:

180 Grit to 320 Grit – Works best hand sanding before applying a finish. Hand sanding is generally used for:

At the end of the day it’s important to remember that throughout the course of a typical woodworking project, you will end up working with sand paper of varying grit because they all serve a different purpose. In the case of belt sander paper the brand name doesn’t matter much – you just need to pay attention to utilizes the proper grit.

Buying Sanding Belts on Amazon

Amazon has a huge selection of pretty much any grit you could ever need for your belt sander. Below are the common listings you’ll find if you do a search for 3×21 belt sander paper:

Purchasing an All-in-One Kit

With smaller sanders it’s common to see a complete kit for sale like the Makita bo5041k 5-inch random orbit sander kit. Sanding belts are much larger than oribatal sanding pads so it’s not surprising to see them being sold seperately.

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