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Ridgid r2601 Review: 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Product Name:R2601
Weight:4.6 pounds
Power Source:Mains
Speed:12,000 OPM
Features:3 year warranty, dust collection unit, variable speed, soft start and pad break
Ridgid r2601 Review: 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
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The Ridgid r26011 is a mains powered sander so there is no need to charge the device or to worry about battery packs. Simply plug the Ridgid r2601 sander into your mains supply and you are up and running. This model takes a 5″ sanding pad that you can attach easily to the orbital sander thanks to the hook and loop backing pad design. This is like a strong velcro that will hold the pad securely in place while you are sanding but also allows for easy removal.

The Ridgid r2601 orbital sander also has a variable speed setting that allows the pad to spin between 7000 and 12,000 OPM (revolutions per minute). These speeds are calculated when the pad is spinning freely and although the pad does clearly slow down when it makes contact with a surface it is still a very powerful sander. Two great features of the Ridgid orbit sander are the soft start – which allows the pad to speed up slowly – and the pad break which slows it down when there is too much resistance. These two features help to prevent gouges being made to the area that you are sanding.

The Ridgid r2601 random orbital sander also comes with a dust collection unit which is easily detachable and claims to collect up to 90% of dust particles that result from the sanding work. We tested this and it does indeed do a very good job of collecting the dust from sanding. Although the dust collection unit does fill up very quickly, it is easy to detach and empty and is much better than having no collection unit at all.

Overall the Ridgid r2600 series orbital sander is a very good product when it comes to sanding work. Although it currently has a rating of 3.3 on Amazon we feel like it deserves more because it is very robust, very easy to use, powerful and great value for money.

Package Contents

  • Ridgid r2601 orbital sander / Ridgid zrr2601 orbital sander
  • 2 x 80 grit sandpaper sheets
  • Dust bag
  • Hook & Loop pad
  • Tool bag
  • Operator’s Manual

Other Important Information about the Rigid Orbital Sander

  • Model number – Ridgid r2601
  • Part number – ZRR2601
  • Item weight – 5.5 pounds
  • Package dimensions – 12.8 x 7.6 x 5.1 inches
  • Warranty – Limited Three Year Warranty and 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy; Lifetime Service Agreement
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